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United Arab Emirates

The play dives into the depths of the human psyche, and what might result from bringing up our children to the wrong values and principles. It speaks to the mind and forms many questions on whether we are moving in the right direction or not and whether there is still hope for communication and intimacy in relations between people in the community or if urban life has succeeded in developing communication tools without instilling this communication among us. Our whole life, we live and behave according to the way we were raised. So, is everything we are planning and doing for our children is in their interest, or our own interest?

This is the role of any theatrical production; to raise questions and allow us to search for solutions.

The main character is Yaqoub who abandoned his family for years and suddenly decided to return and visit his father who is bedridden in an intensive care room in the hospital. He was faced with many facts and stories the father could not have imagined. But who is right in the end? This confrontation between father and son where Yaqoub

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Al-Ahli Dubai Theatre

  • Writer/ Scenography/ Director
  • : Hafez Aman
  • Performer
  • : Jassim Al Kharraz
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • : Jassim Al Salti & Ahmad Al Shamsi
  • Production Manager
  • : Ibrahim Ustathi
  • Lighting
  • : Rashid Abdulla

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