Talejten Please


The story of a woman who was absent and came back, who forgot to remember.. All her words are related to memories. All her relationships are tied with certain places, summarized in her favorite spot: the barstool in a bar she frequents alone. She acts as if the barstool is a confession chair, a special type of joy it gives her. In her loneliness and her individualism, she finds her freedom. For her, the whole city is summed up in a bar.

Today she decided to be clean. To start again and burn the dictionary of her words. To sing as if she was the only one here. Not caring about anyone who judges her. She decided to be clean so she would be at peace with herself. To be who she really is: an actress.

The story of that woman is my story.

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  • Writer, Director, Performer
  • : Rawan Halawi

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