Artist Tamela Hedstrom

Costa Rica

Tamela Hedstrom is a multilingual singer and songwriter with songs that reflect the rich mixture of cultures in which she grew up. Her father is Swedish and her mother is Ecuadorian and she lived in Costa Rica all her life. The fusion and combinations of cultures and nationalities are evident in her sound. She sings folk, funk, Latin, pop and tropical mixture of genres calling it Tropical Soul.

Nominated for Latin Grammy in 2012 in the “Best Tropical Song” category. In the year 2014, she won a Costa Rican ACAM Award for Best Pop Record for her CD “TAMELA”. Tamela is goodwill Ambassador for FAO, Costa Rica United Nations and Ambassador for the Women’s World Cup Sub 17 Costa Rica 2014. Tamela has been a TV hostess for three TV channels in Costa Rica.

Her band members include: Pianist Walter Flores, Percussionist Hector Barez, Trumpet Ernersto Nunez, Bass Player Alejandro Castro, Sound Engineer Heriberto Roman, and Dancer Lucia Jimenez.

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