Lady MacBeth


Monodrama “Lady Macbeth” was inspired by the play “Macbeth” written by William Shakespeare. Our original play is a tragic history of the complicated prosperities and falls and struggles for getting more power and authority. But actually the ‘latent’ inciter, agitator, provocateur and sharpener of all these acts of Macbeth are of course just Mrs. Macbeth.

Our play displays the latent performance of Mrs. Macbeth and her strong ambition to the great power, authority and wealth and shows her destiny, about how she dreamed, strived and was excited and how she fell in the end.

Although the writer added some texts as required to clearly show the opinion, viewpoint and act of the main role of the play, the original main content and meaning were not completely lost.

At the end of her life (talking to the head of Macbeth) before she’s gone mad, she was caught by the truth and fairness after reaching to everything she strived and struggled to and when she was imposed punishment due to her acts and deeds she reveals the painful truth of life.

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Saint Muse Academy
Based on the play by “William Shakespeare”

  • Writer
  • : D. Mendsaikhan
  • Producer
  • : S. Sarantuya
  • Performer
  • : S. Sarantuya
  • Director
  • : B. Munkhdorj, D. Sainchimeg

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