Immota Manet:Don’t Move!


IMMOTA MANET is a true story, or maybe not…In any case this in theatre is not as relevant. It is a story made up of many other small stories heard, told, invented, lived or never happened. A narration that revolves around characters and anonymous, around the earthquake and the city of L'Aquila. A story, perhaps, like many others.

A man on the other side of Europe, in the imaginary space of L’Aquila (his home town), tells us about the earthquake. Our man tells us an anonymous and, at the same time, collective story which is the result of many people’s experiences and poems. But this story is also the result of his distance from these facts and the sum of some lies that he tells himself, that he tells us.

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We Were Monkeys Productions

  • Performer, Director
  • : Luigi Guerrieri

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