Imbaúba Group


The ravaged soil springs the imbaúba, also known as mother-of-ground. This enduring symbol is where the Group got its name from. Its music are sounds and hues of nature: a tribal ritual, the nuances of birdsong, the ethereal dance of the ancient trees of the Amazon, a kinesthetic projection of natural rhythms and sounds promoting the perfect communion of the senses.

Formed by Celdo Braga, Rosivaldo Lamb, John Paul Ribeiro, Roberto Lima and Sofia Amoedo, it is an acoustic musical group, basically instrumental, which includes in its repertoire music made on their own, composed from the nature’s sound (organic music) as the trill of birds, rustle of leaves, buttresses beats, well, sounds and noises that occur in the forest, tempered by magic and the mystique emanating from the Amazonian universe. The group has been active on the local, regional, national and international level.

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