Physical theatre, an integration of pantomime, contemporary dance, acrobatics and circus. About exploration of what we call ’good’ and ’evil’, seeming dominance of one side and necessity of choice, the reflections of finding a balance between inner and external worlds.

The black and white principles of existence are brought together, which provokes an explosion of their eternal struggle, which is no more than a consequence of the person’s blindness. The conflict of irreconcilable principles reaches its culmination, generates a sensation of an infernal pain and an inevitability of the End.

Suddenly a tender sprout begins to spring up out of Earth from a small grain, it turns into a slender flower swaying in a breeze. So what does it mean that the flower is going to fade if it scatters the seeds of a new life…

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  • Producer, Performer, Director
  • : Olga Kosterina

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