Blood Wedding


Blood Wedding was released in the International Institute of Performing Arts of New York, on 25th of March, 2010. It is co- produced by Abrego Productions (Spain) and Desdelsur Theatre (Argentina).

The play started out as a confrontation between the rigidly converted law values and the useless and bleeding struggle of someone that kept fighting to keep a small plot of individual freedom, in spite of belonging to the society that sustained those laws.

In this interdisciplinary show where the singing, flamenco and contemporary dance, acting interpretation and video projections combine, there are three tragic stories that are weaved together. Those are the one of the mother who created the news Lorca was inspired by in 1928, the moon and the bride of Lorca's drama and Federico's himself as the main actor in a drama that ends with an obscene and absurd death.

The mother, the bride, the moon, are characters of an unquestionably tragic dimension, strongly emerged in the single-member style as a new and disturbing challenge both for Maria Vidal, the actress who plays it, and for the new audiences ahead.

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Abrego Productions
Based on the play by “Federico Garcia Lorca”

  • Producer
  • : Hernan Eusebio
  • Performer
  • : María Vidal
  • Director
  • : Pati Domenech

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