Festival troupes and Performers

Ornina Theatrical Dance

Ornina Theatrical Dance group was founded in 1993 by Director Nasser Ibrahim. Since then, it has been working hard on creating a new generation of dancers from all over the world.


Le Trio Joubran

The award-winning masters of “Oud”, Le Trio Joubran, are finally meeting their fans and oriental arts enthusiasts at the First Fujairah International Arts Festival.


Hayachine Kagura Troupe

Inscribed in 2009 and on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Hayachine Take Kagura presents the tradition of folk performance that started in Iwate Prefecture in the northern part of mainland Japan.


True Faith & Cueshe

True faith is a band from Philippines formed in 1992. Cueshe is a multi-award winning pop rock band from Philippines and consists of 4 members



Flamenco dance group “ Café De la Dance” is a passionate and seductive art form, a mysterious and beautiful dance that has its origin in Spain, and today flamenco has thousands of fans worldwide.


Al Dan Traditional Art Troupe

Al Daan is an ancient Arabic folk art which moved to the UAE from Al Batnah region in the Sultanate of Oman. “Al Daan” or “Al Maidan” is a group dance that combines singing and dancing at the same time. Men and women dance together in two rows facing each other; one row for men and the other for women.


Harbiya Troupe

Al-Harbiya is one of the most prominent folk art types in the Arabian Gulf. It stems from the authenticity of the local people and their history.


Al - Ayyala Troupe

Al-Ayyala is a popular cultural performance practiced in the United Arab Emirates during religious and national festivals and weddings. It involves chanted poetry, drum music and dance, and simulates a battle scene.


Georgian State Youth Dance Company

The children’s ensemble of national dances has been established in 1993 in Tbilisi. During the 22 years of its existence Georgian Youth Dance Company has taken part in several international festivals, where the participants have expressed high performing skills and have gained numerous prizes.

Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Traditional Arts Troupe

Starting from the deep-rooted heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, Jeddah Traditional Arts Group has taken it upon itself to introduce the diverse Saudi folklore and its long history to the world.


Mame Khan Manganiyar

From India, the land of cultural diversity and glorious folklore and from a small almost medieval village named Satto near Jaisalmer, comes the greatly respected folk musician Mame Khan Managniyar.


Oujda Grenadian Arts Group

The music played by Oujda Millennium Group from Morocco is nostalgic and beautifully haunting. Its mission is to revive the deep-rooted Granada and Andalusia heritage and art and pass it on from one generation to the next.


Sawt Al-Ordon Folklore Troupe

Sawt Al-Ordon Group for Folklore is the perfect treat for folklore and traditional arts enthusiasts. The group consists of highly skilled youth musicians and dancers and together they present Jordanian folklore in all its diversity and beauty and seek to introduce it to the world through its many international performances in festivals and national events.

Costa Rica

Artist Tamela Hedstrom

Tamela Hedstrom is a multilingual singer and songwriter with songs that reflect the rich mixture of cultures in which she grew up. Her father is Swedish and her mother is Ecuadorian and she lived in Costa Rica all her life.


Abu Dhabi Big Band

The Abu Dhabi Big Band was formed at the end of 2007 to provide a medium through which locally resident jazz players could perform as a group. The intention is also to introduce the Big Band Swing, Jazz and Latino repertoire to cosmopolitan audiences resident in the UAE.


Artist Abeer Nehme

Abeer Nehme is a multilingual singer, actress and musicologist with an exceptional talent. Her voice is pure magic. It leaves unforgettable traces in the hearts of her audiences.


Al Majd Folklore Troupe

Founded in 1986 with fifteen members, the band aims at reviving, preserving and transferring the Omani musical heritage and performance arts through the generations. The band started with men only, and then in 1990 females were added.


Fujairah Orchestra - Artist Ali Obaid

Fujairah Orchestra was started by its founder and leader the artist and composer Mr. Ali Obaid. Some of the best musicians in the Arab World have joined it forming together an exceptional band.


Imbaúba Group

The ravaged soil springs the imbaúba, also known as mother-of-ground. This enduring symbol is where the Group got its name from.

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