The basis of mono-performance “Marcel” is the sufferings of the legendary French singer Edith Piaff. The singer suffers because of the tragic death of her beloved Marcel Serdan. The Actress tries to get in contact with the future world and by means of spritism tries to call him back. She is praying and it seems to her as if she is speaking to Marcel. Her pray is a song. The actress Mariam Ghazanchyan represents it by means of dramatic play (during the performance there are 12 songs from Piaff’s repertoire). Hereinafter Marcel will be in every song. There are no words in the performance. Only one name is heard from the lips of the heroine- Marcel…

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Yerevan State Youth Theatre

  • Writer
  • : Hakob Ghazanchyan
  • Producer
  • : Hakob Ghazanchyan
  • Performer
  • : Mariam Ghazanchyan
  • Director
  • : Hakob Ghazanchyan

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