“Amchouta” is a waitress in one of the local cafés in Tangier, Morocco (a city overlooking Europe). Amchouta is actually the café’s name and she is called by this name because she’s been working there continuously for 15 years. When Mr. Dabbaj (the café owner) knew about her pregnancy, he fired her claiming that she became too ugly to serve the customers. Amchouta rebelled and her revenge on the customers and the café owner was as follows.

The audience is expected to interact with the performer and participate directly in the show. The viewer is also the customer; sitting on the chairs and enjoying the show while sipping Moroccan tea and the soup Amchouta serves to them at the beginning of every show.

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Spectacle Pour Tous

  • Writer, Director
  • : Hamza Boulaiz
  • Performer
  • : Jalila Talemsi
  • Technical team
  • : Jihan El Khouli , Sarah Rerhrhaye, Mohamed-Reda Jaafari

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