Al Dan Traditional Art Troupe


Al Daan is an ancient Arabic folk art which moved to the UAE from Al Batnah region in the Sultanate of Oman. “Al Daan” or “Al Maidan” is a group dance that combines singing and dancing at the same time. Men and women dance together in two rows facing each other; one row for men and the other for women. Between the two rows stands the team that plays musical instruments and it consists of three men playing small two-faced drums with “Kaser”. The leader of the group is one of these three drummers. There is a fourth person who performs individual dances. He moves between the tambourine players and the two rows of singers and dancers. Al Daan starts with the two rows singing the whole text at once with each stanza repeated three or four times in one breath. This song is accompanied by dancing moves with each row moving two steps forward and then two steps backwards according to the Daan rhythm. This movement is repeated throughout the performance and doesn’t change.

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